A proprietary algorithm based on years of published research allows healthcare professionals to make confident, evidence-based decisions for return to sport/work/activity and manage pre-participation testing.


Identify individuals who are at risk of injury using a validated injury prediction algorithm. This allows you to better allocate your precious injury prevention resources to those who need them most.


 Objective reports offer clear documentation for the medical necessity of rehabilitation, making it easier to communicate with insurance providers and other healthcare professionals.

Sample Reports

Move2Perform generates multiple reports to help you make decisions and communicate with your patients and clients. 


“The Move2Perform software is most valuable to me for buy-in with patients and coaches. The risk stratification and bell curve pictorial provides the simplest ‘go-to’ snapshot for my coaches to permit intervention into their training schedule.”

- Greg Dea – Sports Medicine Coordinator Northern Territory Institute Sport Darwin, Australia

Move2Perform follows our beliefs of musculoskeletal care that patterns and movements are more important than the site of pain. The injury risk algorithm helps determine if the athlete/client is ready to return to activity and if treatment is still needed.

- Dr. Josh Satterlee, DC, Bio-Mechanics of Las Vegas

“I feel that this combination of information not only gives me better data to determine injury risk and make return-to-play decisions but also gives me a look at a variety of different aspects of a patient’s movement that may need to be addressed with intervention.”

-  Greg Crossman, DPT, OCS, COMT, CSCS

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