When to use Move2Perform?

Move2Perform is our industry-leading, research-backed system proven to accurately identify and categorize injury risk by weighting multiple risk factors. It allows professionals to:

  1. Make accurate & objective return to sport or activity decisions.
  2. Identify during pre-participation testing those most likely to suffer from non-contact injury.

Return to Sport/Activity Decisions

While most patients can be returned to a pain-free status, research has clearly demonstrated that risk for future injury remains. Many return to sport/activity decisions are frequently based on opinion rather than evidence-based tests. With the Move2Perform computer application, you can now make confident, evidence-based return to activity/sport and discharge decisions while managing injury risk.

Move2Perform helps you make evidence-based return to sport and return to activity decisions by categorizing your client’s injury risk and objectively tracking their progress. It synthesizes results from proven and popular tests (e.g. Y Balance Test, Functional Movement Screen, Hop Testing) to calculate your client’s musculoskeletal status specific to the individual’s age, gender, and sport/activity. Move2Perform does this by using a proprietary algorithm based on years of published research. It is the only system that has been validated in peer-reviewed literature allowing you to provide the best care for your clients.

Pre-Participation Testing

Whether in sports or the occupational setting, manage the sometimes overwhelming task of keeping your team healthy through meaningful and efficient pre-participation testing. Many organizations have limited resources for injury prevention. Move2Perform helps identify individuals who are at risk of injury and allows you to better allocate your precious injury prevention resources to those who need them most. It is the only system that has been validated in peer-reviewed literature allowing you to provide the best care for your clients.

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Move2Perform is available FREE in the FMS Pro App to active members who have obtained FMS Level 1 and YBT Certifications. Your next step is listed below.


Move2Perform Bundle

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The bundle includes FMS Level 1 Online Certification ($599) & FMS 2 Online - Intro to Corrective Strategies ($99), & the Y-Balance Test Online Course ($199).

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Sample Reports

Move2Perform generates multiple reports to help you make decisions and communicate with your patients and clients.